Q-1. Why the DVR not run after connect the power supply ?
> Please check the power switch turn on or off at the rear panel of DVR
> Please use/Select the proper power adapter

Q-2. Why does appear the boot running too slow?
> There are too much capacity data in hard disk drive,the system will automatic search the data when the system boot up,caused the boot running slow.
> The hard disk drive error will cause the system research the data repeatedly,caused the boot running slow.

Q-3. Firmware upgrade failure?
> U drive is not good compatible with the DVR,cause the DVR can not detected it,suggested to try one or two more different kind of U drive in the market
> USB interface is not good
> The voltage hunting fearfulness during the system firmware upgrade in progress

Q-4. What is maximum HDD storage available for DVRs?
> Maximum HDD available is for 2TB=2000GB for XE-sereies(XE-04/08) & 6000 Sereies(6004/08). Maximum HDD available is for 2TB*2 = 4000GB or more for 8000 Sereies.

Q-5. Why H.264 compression considered the best?
> H.264 standard based video compression core technology with substantially increased coding efficiency and enhanced robustness to network environments in cost effective embedded platform.This technology will support TV broadcast,digital entertainment,internet streaming and visual communications over broadband and wireless network

Q-6. What is the Password of DVR?
> The Default password of DVR is blank or 666666

Q-7. What is the super password of DVR while customer lost the password?
> For XE-Sereis DVR Press ESC 5sec & stop 5sec via remote For 6000/8000 Sereis Press Slow forward 5sec & Fast forward 5sec via remote

Q-8. When 3G USB Dongle is connected to DVR , its not working?
> Vintron doesn’t responsible to connect the 3G network because it is operator based service.

Q-9. While ON , Blue screen on DVR/Holds the logo?
> Please go to the vintron site & download the flash file of that channel

Q-10. Software of mobile viewing?
> Please download naway/naway+ for android phone and Asee/Asee+ for iphone/ipad/mac/windows/symbian Download Ezeye for blackberry phones