Transmission of Shares in Physical mode
Transmission of shares takes place in the event of death of the shareholder, leading to transfer of shares to his/her legal heir. Members are advised to hold shares in joint names to make the formalities simpler transmission.→ Transmission of Shares held in joint name
Notarized copy of Death Certificate of the deceased shareholder, alongwith share certificates, must be submitted to the Registrar & Transfer Agent / Company. Subsequently, Registrar & Transfer Agent / Company will delete the name of deceased shareholder contained in its records and return the share certificates to the applicant/registered holder with necessary endorsement.→ Transmission of Shares held in single name
To give effect to the transmission of physically held shares, please arrange to send the following documents to the Registrar & Transfer Agent / Company:
1. Original Share Certificate(s).
2. A copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased duly notarized.
3. Certified true copy of Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration/ Probate of will with respect to the shares duly attested by the Court Officer.
4. Copy of PAN card duly attested by the Notary Public/Gazetted Officer/ Bank Manager under their official seal along with address proof .
5. Indemnity and Affidavit Form on non-judicial stamp paper duly filled and executed, and the same be notarized by a notary public. (Click here).
6. in case of more than one legal heir(s), then a No Objection Certificate from other legal heir(s) in favour of person claiming the ownership to shares on non-judicial stamp paper, and the same be notarized by a notary public.



Transfer of Shares in Physical mode

Transfer/Remat/Transmission/Transposition of shares held in physical form-KYC norms:

Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, which is already in existence for shareholders/investors holding shares in electronic form, investors/shareholders desirous of Transfer/Remat/Transmission/Transposition of the shares must provide copies of PAN card duly attested by the Notary Public/Gazetted Officer/ Bank Manager under their official seal for the transferees along with address proof of the first named transferee/holder.

The following important things must be ensured before forwarding the transfer request(s) to the R&TA:

→ A duly filled and signed ‘Transfer Deed’ (share transfer form) must be lodged with the R&TA / Company along with the original share certificate(s). The requisite share transfer stamps affixed on the instrument must be duly cancelled. Further, the transfer deed must be witnessed properly.
→ The signature of the transferor should match with the specimen submitted with the R&TA / Company.
→ In case the transfer deed is executed under a Power of Attorney, the same must be in order.
→ The transfer should be done before any record date / book closure as may be fixed by the Company.

The transfer request(s) alongwith valid transfer document(s) duly completed in all respect will only be processed by the Registrar & Transfer Agent and remat request(s) alongwith requisite documents unless request involved conversion of entire holding held in electronic mode.



Notification of Change(s)

Change of Corresponding Address

→ The investors holding shares in electronic mode are requested to kindly approach their Depository Participant(s) for notifying such change(s).
→ The investors holding shares in physical form are requested to kindly send a request letter to Registrar & Transfer Agent / Company notifying such change(s) along with valid address proof.

Change in Name of the share holder

For shares held in Electronic mode: Please contact your DP to know the formalities.
For shares in Physical Form: Please send an application to the R&TA, alongwith the relevant document out of the following:

→ A certified true copy of the gazette notification for affecting change in name of an individual in the Register of Members.
→ A certified true copy of the Fresh Certificate of Incorporation, consequent upon change of name issued by the concerned ROC.
→ A certified true copy of the marriage certificate issued by the concerned authority in case the name has been changed due to marriage.
→ A certified true copy of the divorce order issued by the appropriate authority in case of a divorcee.



The equity shares of Vintron Informatics Limited are listed on the following Stock Exchange(s) in India.

Name of the Stock Exchange
The BSE Limited
The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited
The Delhi Stock Exchange Limited

Scrip Code
12073 (Pending for de-listing as per DRS
sanctioned by the Hon’ble BIFR vide its order
dated 02.06.2009)


Duplicate Share Certificate(s)

The investors are requested to get a duplicate share certificate in lieu of lost or destroyed or mutilated share certificate(s), to send the following documents directly to Registrar & Transfer Agent and/or the Company:

→ A request letter mentioning therein the Folio Number, Share Certificate Number(s), Distinctive No(s). of the Certificate(s) lost and/or destroyed.
→ A copy of the FIR lodged with the local Police Station.
→ Duly attested Indemnity Bond and Affidavit on non-judicial stamp papers of Rs.100/- and Rs.50/- respectively, by a First Class Magistrate or duly notarized by a Notary Public. To get the sample of Indemnity Bond and Affidavit (Click here).
→ Clipping of the local newspaper, wherein the information regarding the share certificate(s) lost / destroyed.


List of KMPs

The Following Key Managerial Personnel (KMPs) are authorized to make/submit disclosure(s) under Regulation 30(5) of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 to the Stock Exchange/s.

→ Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta, Chairman and Whole Time Director.
→ Mr. Arvind Sharma, Managing Director.
→ Mr. Yogesh Kumar Garg, Company Secretary.
→ Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Chief Financial Officer.


Company Secretary

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Garg
Company Secretary
Vintron Informatics Limited
D-107 & 108, Okhla Industrial Area
Phase-I, New Delhi-110020
Phone: 011-43740000
Fax: 011-43740040